Lavinia Marin

   I was born in Romania, the Country of Vlad Dracul (Tepes Voda), as most of you know it. But Romania means much more than that. It means long oppressions and wars with the Ottoman Empire, it means King Ferdinand, it means Queen Mary, it means suffering and the communist regime, it means mountains, plains, the Danube, the Danube Delta and the Black Sea .... it means ancestral customs kept in places, it means faith, Revolution (1989), means ..... for me, a place that received God's blessing but that we humans have trampled on. Some of us have sought fulfillment in other countries ..... so that entire villages have been left without young people and children.I was born in Bucharest, sometime.... the little Paris, the first city in the world lit with kerosene.I lived for almost 10 years during the communist period/epoch, when the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, considers that "having opinions", "expressing yourself freely", "to be different", "being able to be rewarded for your work", compared to those who don't want or can't do anything more than "exist," it was a crime. When, due to the fact that the electricity was stopped daily in our homes, we had to learn by candlelight.
   When, as children, we were obliged, to praise a leader with four years of school, who wanted to show Europe how good Romania is, a Romania that eats rationally and where people and children did not have access to anything that children of the West had, except dreams. I always wanted to be able to paint, to learn more about it, but the financial possibilities for this, of my parents, were small, like most Romanians. So I was a self-taught child, a child who painted, danced, dreamed ..... but who could not have access to specialization courses. Now I am the mother of a talented boy, with an extremely beautiful opera voice, which I support and encourage, and I try to pay for his courses, so that he can improve, so that he can evaluate his talent .... I want him to have a chance ... much more than the one I had.
   Maybe in my paintings, you will find the expression of optimism, but also of the sadness and discouragement of the times I lived in a period of lack of possibilities. I love to mix the colors ... and spread them on the canvas and thus convey the emotion of the viewer to transmit from the vibration of nature to the one who seeks reconnection with it and a little peace.